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GRAVENA as a brand name was introduced in the Egyptian market in 1975 and it was linked by both beuty and quality. The First sanitary ware factory was established in 1982, and it started production in 1986 by 600 PCs/day. As days go on and as the demand increased on the products, gravena has increased its productivity to 3000 PCs/day giving a yearly productivity of 1,080,000 of high quality, putting Gravena on the world map as one of the biggest producers of vitreous China sanitary Ware where its products has reached more than 22 countries in Europe, Africa, and The Middle East. Gravena is very well known for its famous Water Fittings which now having one of the biggest in the markets share among Egyptian producers. As for the Acrylic Bath Tubs, Gravena succeeded to introduce the market with very modern design made from the best material in the world with always its very competitive prices. The final manufacturing process that Gravena owns is the Polyester Resin W.C. Seat Cover, where Gravena has the ability to produce any type or color Seat Cover that is reason why 90% of the Sanitary Ware products in Egypt and many of the European producers depend on Gravena s Seat Cover on their production.

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Company Name: GRAVENA
Contact Person: MR . Karim   El Masry
Address: Industrial Zone - Area 1 Plot No 22
City: 6th of october
Country: Egypt
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